Additional Information


Load File: A load file is used to import coded data from your case into another database. The data in the load file links to the documents produced and allows you to specify which data fields (e.g. document data, email sender and recipient, etc.) you deliver to opposing counsel.


Searchable PDF: Choosing this option will generate a PDF file with OCR text that will be searchable for the recipient of the production


Non-Searchable PDF: Choosing this option will create a flat PDF that is a non-searchable image.


TIFF: Choosing this file format will create an image of the file in question, similar to a non-searchable PDF. Compared to PDF, TIFF is more commonly used by eDiscovery systems, but it not as commonly used outside of eDiscovery systems in routine office workflows.


Native: Choosing this option will indicate that some or all of the documents to be produced should be produced in their original format. Certain file types, most commonly large excel sheets, do not render well as images, and thus are often produced in their native format.


TXT File: Choosing this option will include a separate file of the OCR text associated with each Document. This is typically included when production is done via load file and non-searchable file formats (e.g. TIFF, Non-Searchable PDF) are produced.


If you have any questions about the setup of your production, please contact Sift by emailing