Outside vendor. In-house control.

Let us manage the data, train your team on the tools, and stay on the cutting edge of technology. You move at the speed of your practice and give your clients the cost-effective competitive advantage Sift provides.


Has your firm considered bringing eDiscovery in-house?

There is a reason why large law firms and large corporations implement in-house eDiscovery management systems. You have more control over the document retention and litigation or investigation workflows, and eDiscovery is incorporated into the stream of revenue. But, there is also a reason why many law firms and companies rely on service providers—IT infrastructure done right is expensive!

That’s where we come in. Sift brings an innovative approach to eDiscovery. Our platform provides your firm or corporation with your own eDiscovery department on a flexible subscription basis without massive capital outlay.



With Sift, your staff has administrative control over your eDiscovery database and workflows, including case creation, data ingestion, document review, and user access. Your litigation team is no longer reliant on an outside vendor’s schedule to meet deadlines, do document review, and grant user access.



We understand that your litigation group has cases with data in multiple platforms hosted by multiple eDiscovery vendors. Getting all of that data hosted in your new In-house eDiscovery Suite could be time consuming and expensive. Sift makes the switch painless.

With Sift’s In-house eDiscovery Suite, Sift will ingest all load files from any platform and any vendor for free! We will even make sure your tagging palettes are mapped correctly so you experience little to no downtime during the transition.