Document Collection to ESI Collection – What you need, when you need it

Lawyer-led discovery means targeting data and documents in a defensible, efficient way. Most lawyers know what categories of documents they need – we bullet-point limited, key document group lists for initial disclosures, requests for production, or regulatory requests like public records requests or FOIA to our clients or departments. Context and narrow scope matters – and that’s why we do this.

We are lawyers specializing in coordinating forensic and discovery teams to maximize analytical returns and provide strategic expert consultation on technical matters. We bridge the ‘understand your client’s data and documents’ gap for you.

We simplify the process with a focus on the work-product deliverables you need for you matter –

  • Discovery plans based on the requests and complaints for simple defensible collection;
  • In-house, departmental or custodian interviews;
  • Forensic device capture, analysis, reporting and expert testimony for fraud, cybersecurity or data breach investigations;

– and defensibly excluding the cost and time of the deliverables you don’t. It all depends on your matter, budget, and client needs – we get it so we make it simple.

Flat fee for the most common collections in day-to-day legal matters:

  • Phones, tablets, computers and hard drives, and
  • Common social media accounts.

Hourly rates where the process and final work-product you need matters:
Varying-sized cloud collections;

  • Fraud, employee misconduct, cybersecurity or data breach investigations;
  • Forensic analysis, expert consulting and trial testimony.

We do more. We keep it simple.

And that’s why we’ve been trusted in everything from complex and voluminous ESI issues for Fortune 100 companies to large class action suits involving sensitive health and business records.

Let’s talk about what we can do to help your eDiscovery headache go away.