Transparency | Control | Speed | Cloud Flexibility


Built for lawyers by lawyers, Sift was founded to address the reality that the proliferation of data drives litigation strategy. eDiscovery costs are often prohibitive, and Courts increasingly demand lawyers get into the data earlier. You need a team to see you through.



  • One system. All your clients’ data. All your cases.
  • Significantly lower data rates by aggregating your firm’s data.
  • Control it all. Create your cases, upload your documents, add your users, run your productions. All on your schedule.
  • Experienced partner on speed dial.



  • No games. Simple pricing.
  • Cutting edge cloud-based review and analytics technology, powered by Ipro.
  • Full service support team.
  • Surge review capacity, so you can take that big case.


As part of the family of Vital Enterprises companies, Sift employs and partners with talented and experienced attorneys and professionals in a variety of fields.